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When to sell your Ethereum

A question that all crypto users are looking for, no matter what coin they hold onto. If you’re on our blog, you’re most likely an Ethereum holder and you’re wondering when to sell your ETH. The answer to this question will differ from person to person depending on their financial status and how much they have invested into Ethereum. We will attempt to educate you on the current status of Ethereum and it’s market which should aide your decision in when to sell your Ethereum.

should I sell my Ethereum?

A bear market has been a reality in 2018

Don’t sell your Ethereum in 2018

Now is the absolute worst time to sell your Ethereum. We have reached the bottom of the market, which has remained stable for the time being so in a bull market, we are likely to see huge gains once again. There is massive development just over the horizon for ETH and the ERC-20 ecosystem, so we would recommend holding your coins until the network is running at its full potential.

Vitalik Buterin had sent some questionable Tweet regarding the future of ETH which fueled a down trend in a bear market. However, in recent times Vitalik has clarified his position on Ethereum and is now sounding quite positive. With the network improvements and institutional money flowing in, the climate for Ethereum couldn’t be better. We are bullish on the future of Ethereum in 2019. If you need the money, please sell as soon as possible because nothing is guaranteed and you should never invest money you can’t afford to lose.


Where is the institutional money coming from?

This is a question that has a variable answer depending on when you ask. There is so much money coming into Ethereum and the crypto space, it is nearly impossible to keep up with. We wrote a brief article recently on why you should be excited about Ethereum (you can read it here). Another excellent resource for reading about the latest and greatest news surrounding Ethereum is /r/ETHtrader.

Recently, we learned that many major universities around the world are doubling down on crypto.  Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, UNC Chapel Hill, and MIT have each invested in at least one cryptocurrency fund through their respective endowments; this is very exciting !


I’m not convinced, I still want to sell my Ethereum

If you have over extended your hand or need money for other reasons, you should probably sell. With all the news surrounding ETH and it’s development, we are confident that Ethereum is going to rise to new heights in 2019, however everyones investment goals are different. If you’ve made a profit and you want to get out, there is no shame in that; hodling isn’t for everyone.


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