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If you’re one of the many users trying to access their cryptocurrency tonight via a Ledger device, you will be faced with an interesting error.

HSM_POOL_SIZE is not defined or Sorry, try again (websocket error)

This error is presenting itself when users are authenticating their ledger device inside of Ledger Live. Many users are preparing for the BNB swap on Binance and this has caused a huge flux in users trying to authenticate their ledger devices.

Unfortunately this has also exposed a weakness in the Ledger Live ecosystem has users are now finding out that their Ledgers must be authenticated via the Ledger Live servers before being able to access their funds. So in a scenario where the Ledger Live servers are being attacked or users are connecting their ledgers in mass numbers simultaneously, can take down the entire system for all users. This is a huge weakness that has been exposed and needs to be addressed immediately.

Our HSM infrastructure is under a heavy load, and response times are very high. Please allow up to 2 minutes to get a response from a request to the Ledger Manager API. Requests are processed by a queue, best outcome is to wait (if you restart, you'll be pushed back to the end of the queue). Thank you for your patience.

The above image is taken from the Ledger Live help page and outlines the fragility of the system in place. Why are the Ledgers being authenticated on the server side as opposed to authenticating locally and offline via the hardware itself? For now, there is no update on the problem and only user reports from a Reddit Thread can be counted as technical support at this point.