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Buying proxies with Crypto 


Cryptocurrency and proxies both appeal to a similar crowd interested in privacy and protection of their data however finding a proxy provider that accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method may not be an easy task. For those who are wondering what a proxy is and why it might be beneficial to a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just a regular person, this article will help to explain the benefit and show you how to buy proxies with crypto.

Whether you’re looking to buy sock 5 proxies, data-center proxies or residential proxies with cryptocurrency – this article should have you covered.

Why do people buy proxies?


Proxies with bitcoin

A proxy is an IP address that allows you stream all your information through that IP which is hosted on a server. When ordering proxies you can also customize the location so you can access sites you wouldn’t normally be able to access due to country restrictions. Think of it like a VPN (proxies are the backbone of all VPN software) you can tailor to any location you want and be ensured your data is private. Many VPN’s act like a middle man and will harvest your data, so a VPN is beneficial just for changing your computers geographical location and less beneficial for privacy. If you’d like to learn more about proxies, check out this great article on proxies.


Why can’t I buy proxies with crypto? 


The reason most proxy providers do not accept crypto as a payment method is they have a monthly server cost to pay to host the proxies they sell. If they are only taking crypto as payments, they need to find fiat to pay the server costs (Unless their server provider accepts crypto as well). Sadly it is a simple answer of not wanting to take the risk of accepting a crypto or going through the hassle of converting it to fiat. In the future when crypto is widely accepted, this won’t be an issue…but for now we are stuck with the world we live in.


buy proxies with cryptoDo I need Bitcoin to buy proxies?


As you’re probably well aware, Bitcoin is the most accepted crypto for most businesses that accept cryptocurrency. Bitcoin will take less of a starring role in the crypto world and other coins will be accepted (depending what you believe).  However, right now you are only going to be able use a few  cryptocurrencies for payment options among proxy providers. The most popular cryptos that are accepted for buying proxies are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum from what we have seen, although we would still recommend buying some Bitcoin as it will be more universally accepted. If you’e like to buy some bitcoin, head over to Coinbase.




Where Can I buy proxies with Cryptocurrency?

In our research there was only one site that is currently accepting crypto in exchange for proxies and that was Resell Cartel Proxies . They offer private dedicated proxies that allow you customize any location you desire. Another cool feature they offer is the ability to order multiple locations in one order as opposed to separate orders to get multiple locations. For example you could have a 20 proxy order where 10 were USA based, 5 were UK based and the other 5 were located in Australia; this is great value.

Currently Resell Cartel Proxies only accepts Bitcoin, but we have been told they are expanding into many other cryptocurrencies as well. Not only does Resell Cartel Proxies accept crypto, their prices were significantly cheaper than other proxy providers we visited as well.