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What is the best Ethereum Pool?

There is many options for mining pools and even more Ethereum Pools to choose from. But how do you know which is the best Ethereum mining pool to join? This article will help to answer that question for you.

Best ethereum pool

What is an Ethereum mining pool?

A mining pool refers to many Ethereum miners using their hashrate collectively to solve blocks and collect rewards. This is a much more steady to acquire income from Ethereum mining. On the flip side, if you were to mine outside of a pool it could takes weeks or months to collect any reward depending on your mining hardware. This is why most people choose mining pools so they can collect more consistent rewards for their efforts.

What hashrate do I need for Ethereum pools?

That depends on your profit expectations, your mining hardware will determine your overall payout. In order to figure out your hash rate and get an estimated payout metric, check out a mining calculator site such as Coin Warz. This will give you a good estimate on your power costs, hardware cost and how long it will take to make a return on your ethereum hardware investment.

What is the best Ethereum Pool ?

The best Ethereum pool in our opinion is Miner Gate The reason we picked Miner Gate, is their excellent customer service and rapid payouts. This has been the most pool in terms of customer service and is our choice for the best ethereum pool.

best ethereum pool