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How to buy ETH with PayPal


Buy ETH with PayPal


If you’re looking to buy ETH with PayPal, buy LTC with PayPal or buy BTC with PayPal, we have some bad news for you: it’s impossible. There is a number of reasons for this, some legitimate and some not; this article will help to explain why and your options outside of PayPal. 


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Why can’t I buy ETH with PayPal?

Long story short: ETH and other crypto currencies are in direct competition with middleman payment providers such as PayPal. In a perfectly crypto friendly world, there would be no need for PayPal as smart contracts and many other DAPPS would be able to do what PayPal does for a fraction of the cost. Of course if the world adopts crypto, PayPal needs to pivot or close their doors so this is the main reason they have banned purchasing of ETH with PayPal.

What is my friend wants to sell me ETH via PayPal? 

You could technically do this to accomplish a deal with your friend, however both of your accounts would be in jeopardy as you are violating PayPals terms of service. So if you were to use PayPal to complete a transaction between friends, we recommend leaving zero details about it being a crypto related transaction.

Should I sell crypto with PayPal ?

Again, if you are caught using PayPal for crypto, you will lose your account and most likely face a lifetime ban. However there is more risks than just PayPals terms of service. If you sell crypto via PayPal and the person sends you money for it, once the crypto is in their wallet they could open a PayPal dispute against you and win their money back without any way for you to recover the crypto (and if you think PayPal is going to help you recover any crypto, you are dreaming). Be very cautious when selling crypto that the fiat cannot be reversed because the crypto you send surely cannot be reversed.

What exchanges allow ETH to PayPal?

No exchanges will allow this simply due to the fraud concerns mentioned above. PayPal allows buyers to recover funds from transactions far too easily via their transaction dispute system. Even legitimate sales will sometimes be reversed in the buyers favour with no recourse for the seller; therefore no exchange would ever take this risk.

What alternatives are there to PayPal?

The best alternatives to PayPal for buying crypto is still to signup on a major exchange such as Coinbase or Quadriga. The only advantage PayPal offers is the ease of entering info into a transaction. It’s worth your time to get verified on either of these exchanges so you can make purchases easily.

You won’t miss PayPal, trust us.



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